Project Description

Client: Irving Oil Whitegate Refinery

Project: E230 Plenum Replacement
Steel: 20 tonnes

Project Description

This project required the removal of an existing steel plenum and the supply and installation of a replacement steel plenum. The survey of the existing fans was critical to ensure that the new plenum would bolt directly to the existing fans and new heat exchanger bundles.

The Plenum was a structural steel frame, 14m x 11m, weighing approximately 20 tonnes. The steel was detailed by Kenneally Steel Fabrication to allow for modular assembly of the unit. This meant that fabrication and assembly could be completed in our workshop facility in Ballyduff Upper, Co. Waterford. The Plenum was then separated into modules to be shipped to site and re-assembled beside the existing unit. The assembly of the new plenum took place while the oil refinery was operational with no impact on production or safety.

A number of the modules were transported to site by Kenneally Steel Fabrication.

As two of the modules measured 5m x 14m we worked with a wide load transportation specialist for the transportation between Ballyduff and Whitegate.

Heat exchanger bundles were trial fitted on the ground to ensure that there would be no difficulties during the installation window.

Due to a short installation window, Kenneally Steel removed the old plenum in one lift. We assembled the new plenum on the ground, and it was lifted into position in one lift. It was lifted in place using a 350-tonne crane.

The project was delivered ahead of schedule and on budget.

The client was satisfied with the project delivery and the service we provided.

Customer references are available on request.

Key Details

  • Modular Units

  • Moving Wide Loads

  • Rigging & lifting awkward loads

  • Surveying

  • Management of Subcontractors

  • Live Plant/ Production

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