Project Description

Irish Distillers Midleton

Project: Removal and replacement of Meura Filter
Date: July 2019

Project Description

Kenneally Steel Fabrication has been working onsite at Irish Distillers Midleton since 2016. We were engaged by Irish Distillers in July 2019 to carry out the removal and reinstallation of a Meura Clean filter on one of their Brewhouse Mash Filters.  

This job presented several challenges as it needed to be completed while the plant was in production and there was no direct way to get this unit out of the building. An existing lifting beam was used to move the unit from the top of the filter to the grating on the first floor. A path was covered in plywood to allow the unit to be skated to a corner of the building. 

In that corner we removed sections of grating and trimmer steel to generate an opening to lower the unit to the ground floor where it could be skated to the exit of the building. The reversed procedure was used to move the unit back through the building and back onto the machine. The multi-disciplinary team at Kenneally steel allowed the rigging and lifting, the structural steel and grating work and the enabling works to all be carried out by one contractor simplifying the project for the customer.

The project was delivered on schedule and on budget.  The client was satisfied with the project delivery and the service we provided

Customer references are available on request.

Key Details

  • Work in a live production plant

  • Lifting of Awkward  Loads

  • Multi-disciplinary Team

  • One Contractor start to finish on job

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