Project Description

Client: Irish Distillers Midleton

Project: Installation of removable panels in the still house roof to facilitate still pot replacement
Steel: 45 tonnes

Project Description

Kenneally Steel Fabrication has been working onsite at Irish distillers in Midleton since 2016.  We were engaged by Irish distillers in June 2019 to work on the manufacture and installation of four 7 metre x 7 metre removable panels on the roof of the Barry Crockett Still House.  

This project required the removal of existing steel and the supply and installation of support steel and 6 tonne removable roof panels.  The survey of existing steel was difficult as scaffolding was not in place until a later point in the project so we engaged surveyors to carry out a 3D scan of the building to confirm drawings of existing steel were accurate. 

The project involved installation of four separate lids each weighing 6 tonnes and a structural steel frame for each.  The steel was detailed by Kenneally Steel Fabrication to allow for the lids to be split into modules for transport and assembly on site in Irish Distillers.  The Installation of the roof steel took place while the distillery was operational with no impact on production or safety.

Each lid was transported to site by Kenneally Steel Fabrication. As the modules measured 3.5m x 7m wide loads were transported during the night between Ballyduff and Midleton. Lids were offloaded by crane in Midleton, assembled on the ground and made ready for installation.

One section of the roof was opened at a time so support steel could be installed. A temporary roof cover was supplied by Kenneally Steel Fabrication so the opening in the roof could be covered each evening. Once all support steel was in place the roof lids were lifted in place using a 130-tonne crane.

The client was satisfied with the project delivery and the service we provided.

Customer references are available on request.

Key Details

  • Modular Units

  • Moving Wide Loads

  • Rigging & Lifting Awkward Loads

  • Surveying and 3D Scan

  • Management of Subcontractors

  • Live Plant/ Production

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