Project Description

Glennon Brothers

Project: Installation of New Debarker
Date: Summer 2010 Shutdown

Project Description

Kenneally Steel Fabrication has been working with Glennon Brothers for more than 20 years. We were engaged by Glennon Brothers in July 2010 to carry out a replacement of the debarker on their logsorting line.  

This project involved removal of the existing debarker (20Tonnes), fabrication and installation structural steel, installation of the new debarking system (42Tonnes) and modification to platforms , access ways  and waste conveyors around the new system. The program for the project was 2 weeks so considerable pre works were required to ensure the project was a success.

Prior to the shutdown we installed a reinforced concrete slab under the existing debarker to act as a foundation for the new machine.  Our team removed all attachments to the existing infeed conveyor and debarker and removed both by crane. A structural steel frame for the new debarker was fabricated in our workshop in Ballyduff. We installed the steel structure and affixed to the concrete base. Then the new infeed conveyor and debarking machine were lifted into position by crane. We moved the new machines into the final position, worked with the manufacturer’s engineer to complete the final alignment and secure machine in position. 

Walkways and access platforms were reinstalled around the new machines and protection for cables and hoses mounted on the machine. We modified the waste conveyors under the debarking machine and assisted with the commissioning of the debarker.

The project was delivered on schedule and on budget.  The client was satisfied with the project delivery and the service we provided

Customer references are available on request.

Key Details

  • Moving of  Machines

  • Shutdown  Works

  • Civil Works

  • Lifting of Awkward  Loads

  • Rigging and Slinging

  • Structural Steel

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