Project Description

Glennon Brothers

Project: Refurbish log feeding system
Date: Summer 2019 Shutdown

Project Description

Kenneally Steel Fabrication has been carrying out maintenance work in Glennon Brothers for more than 20 years. We were engaged by Glennon Brothers in July 2019 to carry out a number of projects during their summer shutdown including the refurbishment of the Speed up roller way on their log sorting machine.  

As part of a separate project we were carrying out the step feeder was being removed from the logsorter to be replaced. This presented the opportunity to access the vee roller way rollers and shafts for refurbishment.

There were 9 rollers to be refurbished. Each roller had to be removed from the shaft and lifted out by crane. The drive system underneath the rollers had to be dismantled and each shaft assembly removed by lowering it by crane into the centre of the machine and using chain blocks to remove it from inside the machine. 

New shaft assemblies were prepared and installed using chain blocks and the crane. Rollers were inspected for cracks and any cracks were cut out and repaired. Rollers were then refitted to the machine. In one position we found the chassis of the machine had fractured and the area where the shaft mounted badly damaged. We designed reinforcing plates and had them made on our CNC plasma machine in the workshop. These were then welded in place allowing the final shaft and roller to be reassembled. We then reinstalled the drive system and the unit tested.

The project was delivered on schedule and on budget.  The client was satisfied with the project delivery and the service we provided

Customer references are available on request.

Key Details

  • Shutdown Works

  • Maintenance of machinery

  • Lifting of awkward loads

  • Onsite welding

  • Quick turn-around plasma components

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